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A small tropical paradise in Visayas.
Visayas is the center of The Philippines, situated between Luzon to the North and Mindanao to the South.

Malapascua was until recently unknown except among adventure seeking backpackers.
But the blinding white beaches of the island, its crystal clear waters, incredible diving/snorkelling and the laid back feeling has made Malapascua one of the Philippines best holiday destinations.
This little gem of an island is now visited by more tourists every year.

Malapascua was first recorded by the first Spanish explorers in the 1500th century.
They named it Bad (mal) Easter (pascua) because they were caught in a terrible typhoon at Easter that year.

Today no one has to fear a bad Easter holiday in Malapascua.
Those days are long gone where meals had to be ordered a day in advance.
Nowadays there are many international restaurants and bars on the island.

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Malapascua Island

White Sand Bungalows
One of Malapascua's pioneer beach resorts, still run by a Filipina and a Dane.

Lonely Planet, the world biggest guide book publishing house recommends White Sand Bungalows as their favourite resort.
A priceless honour that speaks for itself.

White Sand Bungalows is not the place for concrete lovers.
The spacious and classy bungalows are all build in accordance with the original Filipino tradition:

Real floor in hardwood, walls double layered bamboo on frame of hardwood, hardwood roof construction covered with nipa – a special kind of palm leaves that insulates against solar heat.
All build to maintain a natural air-conditioning of the bungalow.

All furniture and king-size beds handmade in hardwood or bamboo.

Only two details separate the bungalows from the traditional houses:

The modern bathrooms complete with tiles, flushing toilets, lavatories and shower niches.
Plus windows with tinted glass jealousy style, the kind that one opens or closes with one movement.

For the comfort of families the bungalows got a 12 square meters attic. In all the bungalows got 40 sq. m. of floorspace.

Enjoy the perfect view of the white sand beach and the crystal clear ocean in Sunset Cove from the big 8 square meters balcony.

Family friendly & crystal clear water

The view is soul soothing from the bungalows

Prices for one night range from 500 - 2500 peso for one bungalow (8 – 40 Euro).
Depending of season and number of occupants.
If needed we can arrange airport or hotel pick up from Cebu City. Either in big aircon SUV or aircon van.
Boat fare from Maya wharf is double after sundown. After dark the boat will leave Malapascua without passengers

A peaceful paradise

White sand beach all the way to the village

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